Care Instructions

We always use high-quality materials, but they must be taken care of. To preserve the life of your Noli jewelry pieces, be kind to them. Here are a few helpful care tips:

• We do not recommend wearing your jewelry while showering, exercising or swimming.

• Keep jewelry away from chemicals, cosmetics, hair products, etc. Always apply cosmetics and perfume BEFORE putting on jewelry.

• When not is use, we suggest storing your pieces in an airtight bag or container. Humidity is not your friend. Never store in a bathroom (too much moisture).

• We do not recommend store bought jewelry cleansing solutions. Some of these are made with chemicals or abrasives that may damage certain metals and/or gemstones.

• To bring back the luster of your gold-filled or sterling silver jewelry, we recommend using a gentle polishing cloth.

• Vermeil items are more fragile and will tarnish over time. We recommend cleaning with warm water and a mild soap. Be very gentle when cleaning. Rubbing too hard can remove the plated layer.

• Natural skin oils may cause metals to tarnish. We are all made differently and some people have more acidic sweat than others. Your pH balance may cause your skin to react to metals differently than your neighbor's. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot control. If this happens to you, be sure to clean your jewelry periodically to remove oils and dirt. This will help prevent irreparable damage.

For additional care concerns, please contact us here.

Our products contain small parts that may be considered a choking hazard.
Please keep away from children.